• Can I register a matrimonial profile on behalf of a relative or a friend?
  • Yes. You can register on behalf of your relative or friend.
  • The form seems to be a bit lengthy. Do I need to fill it entirely?
    It may become tedious for you to fill a long form, please understand other members screen profiles with full information and with photos. For faster creation of profile we would suggest to keep all matchmaking related information handy which will help you. The more information you provide about yourself will increases finding suitable matches at earliest.
  • Is it safe to post my photo along with my profile?
    Yes, we have ensured maximum safety and taking continuous attempts are to enhance privacy controls. We request your help and support to enhance safety measures.
  • Are there any specific guidelines?
    You can always make sure to follow basic guidelines while registering with us.
  • We request all to complete your profile with correct and true information only as marriage is based on trust; we make our every endeavor to insist all members on sharing correct details.
  • Always keep your contact details updated to receive maximum responses, important information and notifications
  • Add latest photos to your profile – our enriched experience in this field proves that adding good quality clicked photos in close-up, in full pose, in traditional wear and in formal wear etc. increases your chances of earliest and suitable match finding. To assist you we are offering up to 5 photos upload by single member.
    • The image file should be in JPEG format and file size of each photograph must be within 1MB
    • The ideal photo size would be 4x6
    • File name should be short
  • Share your family background, relatives and friends details in appropriate field to help prospective members to increase interest in your profile.
  • Mention precise expectation to help other members build interest while finding suitable matches
  • Add your astrological details, give attention while mentioning date, birth time information (24 Hours format) and mention if you would you like to follow patrika while finding suitable matches
  • Add your important information - education, occupation, lifestyle and religious
  • Apart from all details you already shared in form, if you feel to go into detail information please describe in field “Additional Information / About Self”
  • Till the time you find suitable match within your profile active with us if any of the detail changes ensure same to be updated with current information to increase chances of finding suitable matches
  • While contacting interested member maintain politeness, go through such member’s (opposite) expectation, hobby & interests to understand profiles
  • Please take extra care and precautions while researching matches with NRI, working outside India, re-marriages, dowry cases, special cases or any similar etc. In today’s era such incidents unearthed and always it is wise decision to better go bit-cautious and get researching till you get satisfied.
We suggest all members with NRI, working outside India, remarry or dowry special cases or any similar registered with us to generously provide all details to other party to get well understanding and build new long lasting relation with trust and confidence. For that proper research should be done. If it is inter religion, find out the type of culture and living standard. Friends and relatives can be good option for enquiring.

Also, give attention to get photo copies of important documents like –
  • Education and Occupational details
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Nationality Status
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical records – for handicapped or differently abled people
  • Divorce (if he/she was already married) or Marriage Nullification order
During alliance formation or till initial few months of marriage
  • Photographs or video shooting of engagement and/or marriage ceremony
  • Get Marriage Certificate
  • Photographs of both of you together
  • His/her photographs
  • Correspondence between both
  • Telephone bills showing your calls to other party
  • Get copies of all financial transactions, if any
  • Receipts of materials spent on the alliance
  • Receipt of the visa fee and purchase of air tickets, if applicable
  • Receipt of phone calls
  • Remember nothing is unimportant.
  • Do not share or present any false information in your profile
  • Do not fake your religion/sub-caste, astrological information identity, marital status, occupation, salary details, on noticing such will result in immediate deactivation of profile of such member without any liability on us and we are not responsible for any consequences arising out of such wrong information
  • Do not involve in spreading any wrong information about other members, this website and our organization or our directors. On notice will result in appropriate and stern action.
  • Do not contact again and again or sending repeat ‘interested’ requests to same members
  • Do not misuse other member details, photo or sensitive information. Please help us creating better society.
  • Do not share sensitive information during preliminary or advance stages of your discussions, meetings which could lead to unpleasant or dangerous situation for you or your family.
Profile Activation
Your profile will be activated from our side based on payment. Profile will remain activated for one year from the date of activation.
On notice of false information of any nature, unsocial behavior or causing harm, damage to one’s reputation etc. We Shubhmangal Matrimony reserve all rights to deactivate profile of such member and if felt necessary or other party want to proceed with legal recourse we will take steps accordingly.

Payment Modes
In Cash
You can make payment for your membership package in cash and your profile could be uploaded offline in such cases.
Please Note: Cash payment facility is available only at our offices or with Director; authorized member’s identity should be validated with us before making any cash payments.
Payment through Cheque or Demand Draft
You can make payment by sending personal Cheque/ Demand Draft in favour of Shri. Chandrashekhar S. Patil payable @ Belgaum – Karnataka.
Please write Membership details – Profile Number, Full Name and contact number behind the Cheque or Demand Draft. Cheque should be crossed or A/c Payee mentioned in top left corner.
Online Payment - For NEFT / RTGS transfer 3
Account Holder : Chandrashekhar S. Patil
Account No. : 54023617460
IFSC Code : SBMY0040419
MICR Code : 590006004

Please notify us after remitting the payment with the details of Transaction Number, Date of transfer, Account holder and bank details of payee.

We will verify details within 3 working days of the online payment, in case if you find after payment your profile still inactive kindly contact us. Please note that only on receipt of full payment member’s profile will be activated.

Refund policy
We do not offer refunds.
Any exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the management. Under such circumstances if any refund to be made will be as below after deductions –
o Within 1 to 180 days of registration : 50% of Registration Amount
o Within 181 to 365 days of registration : No Refund

No refund will be applicable to members who were registered with us during special offers and/or discounts and/or promotional duration. Shubhmangal Matrimony liability will be only limited up to refund of registration fee paid by the members considering above method.

Refund will not be applicable for any other payment(s) (in addition to registration fees) made to avail personalized or extra services from Shubhmangal Matrimony.

Address for Communication –
Shri. Chandrashekhar S. Patil (Match Maker)
Shubhmangal Matrimony
Plot No. 1375, Ramteerth Nagar, BUDA Layout, Opp. Harsha Hotel, BELGAUM – 590 016. Karnataka State – India
Reach us
Mobile : 80555 85085
Email : info@shubhmangalmatrimony.com, shubhmangalmatrimony@gmail.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/shubhmangalmatrimony

Shubhmangal Matrimony cannot guarantee that you as an applicant will receive responses and hence cannot be held responsible for no replies. In this case we cannot give any refunds or credits.

Our motto is to provide you with a safe environment where you can find your partner. We ensure and take every step in good interest of our esteemed member community by screening the content posted in the profile. For false, inappropriate or irrelevant content we have strict and no-compromise policy in place.

However, safety and security is of everyone’s responsibility and it impacts all. We strongly recommend our members to follow the tips and guidelines diligently -

Safe-guarding your details
Don’t’ reveal much about you and family background or financial position or plans until you trust the other person or family enough to disclose these information. Go by your instinct and never come under any pressure to reveal your name or important personal details until you feel it safe to share.

Proceed slowly and be attentive
Suggest you to create a separate or new email account that does not reveal your real name or contact details in it. Use this to communicate with members. If you notice any odd behaviour, unusual act or errantly exhibited behaviour by other member bring it to notice of your family, trusted friends and to us. Don’t ignore any inputs or warnings or indications about financial demands, sexual favour, mood-swings, medical/fitness details, any demeaning or disrespectful comments and pressurizing for anything.

Involve Family
First and foremost involve your family and trusted well-wishers wherever necessary.

Calling over Phone, Chatting etc.
In today’s world networking and staying in touch became easier than earlier. Do not share your phone number unless you are confident about other person and done initial background check. Not to get personal but we would suggest taking steps fully understanding situation arising out of your decision. Do not get emotionally attached unless you trust the other person and confident to get into alliance.

Meet safely
Meet the other person only when you are confident about him or her. Meet in a common place like a restaurant. Do take a friend or relative along for the first meeting and ask him or her to do the same. Never meet in lonely places or accept lifts at least during the initial meetings.

Money Matters
There are some people try to exploit others with many false pretense or tricks. Firmly refuse any demand for money. This is importance sign of intention to dupe other party by involving financially, as marriage is bonding of two beautiful souls and not to conduct business.

Warning signs
Meetings are important to get to know better about the other person. Ask a lot of questions and watch out for inconsistencies that help you spot the con-artists. Pay close attention to the behaviour of the other person while you are with him or her. Pay attention to displays of anger, intense frustration or attempts to pressure or control you. The other warning signs to beware of are acting in a resentful manner, making demeaning or disrespectful comments or any physically inappropriate behavior.

Sharing information to Govt. institutes, bodies
In case we get contacted by any Govt. institutes, bodies like police department, courts etc. and information sought from Shubhmangal Matrimony for any member registered with us; we are bound to co-operate and share such information available with us through your registration without any liability on us.